Life Coaching

Because we can't leave our worries behind when we arrive at the office

If personal conflicts or problems at work are not addressed, they can escalate and lead to serious crises. This will have an adverse effect on the individual's performance, and can put a strain on the whole team.

This is where our Life Coaching can help: Our specially trained experts are ready to support employees in difficult situations at any time. The counseling is confidential and follows a systemic approach that can trigger positive changes in a short space of time.

Our services at a glance

  • Solution-oriented counseling for work-related and personal problems such as burnout, depression, addiction, mental illness, conflicts at work, relationship problems, child-rearing issues or financial difficulties.
  • Counseling provided over the phone or in person by a team of experts who are constantly abreast of their fields
  • 24-hour hotline for around-the-clock availability, including nights and weekends
  • Referrals to self-help groups, psychotherapists or clinics if needed
  • Seminars for executives, for example on dealing with employees under serious mental strain
  • Seminars for employees and executives, for example on the effects of burnout