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Child Care

"Our goal: For every child
the right kind of childcare"



Tatjana Sperber

Timo Benz

Product Managers for Childcare

Because good child care is decisive for a successful career

A tailored childcare solution is the prerequisite for parents to be able to work. Finding the right solution is often difficult and involves a lot of time.
We relieve parents with solution-oriented consulting on choosing the right form of care for their child and by providing the right childcare solution. Should there be a shortage in childcare, we can be reached via a hotline and will provide short-term emergency care.
In addition, we offer employers who want to provide their employees exclusive childcare, a complete package with all services needed for planning and operating company childcare places.

Overview of services

  • Individual counseling for all forms of childcare, either by phone or in person
  • Referral of childcare within the home, childminders, au pairs, places in daycare centers, holiday offers, schools, help with homework and tutoring, household help
  • Research of suitable facilities publically offered, as well as those from the private and voluntary sector
  • Information on tax aspects and financial aid opportunities (e.g., parental benefits)
  • Short-term referral of emergency care through private caregivers or back-up facilities
  • Daycare center management for employers: consulting, design, planning and management