"My motto: Better quality of life for all - with a successful care and support concept."

Juergen Griesbeck

Jürgen Griesbeck

Product Manager Homecare-Eldercare

Fast help at all locations in cases of sickness and when care is needed

More and more professionals are faced with the challenge of balancing care responsibilities and work. Unforeseen events can quickly lead to stressful demands, for example, when family members become seriously ill, suffer from dementia or are dependent on help after a hospital stay.

Even employees can find themselves in situations where they need nursing or home help services, for example, after a hospital stay. In a workforce with an increasing average age, there is an increase of diseases such as back pain or heart and circulatory diseases.

With our homecare-eldercare services, we provide working individuals relief with care tasks and the organization and financing of care and offer psychosocial support. We relieve them from the time-consuming and difficult search for care solutions, thus helping to ensure that absenteeism and "inner absence" at the workplace as well as the risk of burnout can be reduced. The support of the workers themselves in the case of illness or after a hospital stay promotes their full recovery and reduces the risk of relapse.


Overview of our services


  • Individual consultation on the various care solutions, either by phone or in person
  • Comprehensive advice on all aspects on financing care
  • Referral of care and domestic staff
  • Referral of outpatient services and places in care homes
  • Help in dealing with illness, disability and care for a relative, especially in the case of dementia
  • 24-hour hotline for acute crises
  • Service at all locations
  • Seminars and lectures for personnel and executives