Working successfully - in balance!

Our decades of experience in individual life-coaching for managers and employees in stressful situations has confirmed that low-field and preventive offers can sometimes intercept or even completely prevent negative effects for individual patients as well as follow-up costs for the company.

In addition to life-coaching, the pme Familienservice Group has developed further preventive offers to maintain good health in the workforce. In cooperation with selected experts, we provide tailored health promoting services for companies of all sizes and industries.



Our services at a glance

Needs assessment

In the first step, we determine the needs of the workforce. Here we work with different methods, from personal interviews to focus groups to the medical health check.


Implementation of appropriate measures

Based on the objectives of the contracting company and the identified requirements, we offer seminars, workshops and health days in the following subject areas:

Motion Stress management
Diet Addiction prevention


Evaluation and optimization

As part of a benefit evaluation, upon request we examine the sustainability of the individual offers and complement or replace them if necessary with more appropriate measures.

Stress management

At our seminars and workshops for management-level staff, we sensitize supervisors to recognize the stress factors that affect their employees as well as the signs of psychological strain. Developing one's own stress management strategies is also part of the program. We support employees in discovering their own stress management skills, learning to use them in stress situations, and continually expanding their repertoire.



Unsere Gesundheitstage sind mehrstündige Programme bestehend aus einer Kombination aus Vorträgen, Informationsständen und Aktivitätsstationen. Ihre Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter erhalten umfassende Informationen über ihren eigenen Gesundheitszustand, werden für die Erkennung von Risikofaktoren sensibilisiert und erhalten auf anschauliche Art und Weise Tipps für gesündere Verhaltensweisen.