Staff support in all situations of life

Finding good employees in times of a shortage of skilled workers is a challenge. To keep them motivated and willing to perform in the company in the long term is equally important. We relieve professionals of all the tension between work and private life, thus ensuring their long-term performance.

We achieve this through a broad-based support program that provides help for all situations in life: from the care of children and older family members to concierge and relocation services to life coaching and comprehensive health management.

Our modular offers enable companies to provide their employees a variety of support services from a single source, depending on the wishes and needs, with nationally uniform standards of quality and service.

Economic Benefits

Keeping personnel

Savings result through a reduced turnover in employees and by keeping employees with children or terminally ill relatives.

Reduced absenteeism

The number of sick days of employees are reduced since family constraints and related health problems are minimized. 

Increased performance

By reducing private stress factors, employees can better concentrate on their work and also prevent health problems. 


Qualified staff and managers can be won, because according to polls the work-life balance is an increasingly important criterion when choosing an employer.